Bulb planting with Wendell Park School

Narcissi bulbs being planted by year 3 children

On Tuesday 10th October,   Wendell Park School  and WPGF  planted a 5kg bag of yellow and white narcissi bulbs. The ground was prepared  by clearing the leaves, digging the earth over and marking the areas for the children.

We used garden game paint to make four irregular shapes in order to make the planting look more natural. We located the planting close to the picket fence for increased protection.

Ruth and Caroll arrived with the first of three groups of 8 children, very well prepared, each with a trowel,  pair of gloves and bag for kneeling on.  Ruth then explained which way to put the bulb in the earth by pointing out the little roots at the bottom of the bulbs and told the children to expect the flowers in spring time.

All in all, around 100 bulbs were planted. To mark the end of the event and to the children’s delight,  a beautiful robin made an appearance, looking for worms in the freshly turned soil.

Work station – waiting for the next group
Frances – WPGF – preparing for bulb planting with the children from Wendell Park School
Daffodil bulb planting – waiting for the children to arrive
Wendell Park School children doing bulb planting
Robin visiting and looking for worms



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