WPGF Organisation and Administration

The Hammersmith and Fulham Civic Honours Awards at Hammersmith Town Hall, June 12, 2019 Improving our environment winners Wendell Park Gardening Friends (L-R: Frances Stephens, Caroline MacMillan, Sarah Heaton and Simon Grange) with Cllr Max Schmid (L) and Cathy Maund of Hammersmith Community Gardens Association (R)
Committee Officers
Chair Caroline MacMillan caroline@wendellparkgardeningfriends.co.uk
Vice Chair Frances Fedden frances@wendellparkgardeningfriends.co.uk
Secretary Sarah Heaton sarah@wendellparkgardeningfriends.co.uk
Treasurer Simon Grange simon@wendellparkgardeningfriends.co.uk
Finances for the Year to 30th September 2018

WPGF Income Statement 2018

WPGF Balance Sheet 2018