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A good idea and a ‘can do’ approach have propelled a group of supporters of a Shepherds Bush park from sketchy concept to active community body in the space of two years . Wendell Park Gardening Friends was set up in August 2017. It’s an independent voluntary group backed by Hammersmith & Fulham Council. Its aim is simple: improve Wendell Park for the whole community to enjoy and make the most of a treasured green space. The group has gone from strength to strength with monthly maintenance gatherings, demonstrating how united community resolve can improve people’s everyday lives . Working closely with the council has seen immediate results after Wendell Park secured Green Flag status for the first time ever . Local resident Caroline MacMillan from the Friends said that the Civic Honour was recognition for everyone who had worked so hard in Wendell Park over the past couple of years, from the volunteer gardeners to those who have donated more than £10,000 to fund improvements . “This is an award for everyone who’s helped us make the park even greener,” she said. “That includes businesses who’ve given us equipment, the 28th Hammersmith Scouts, who planted bulbs, the pupils of Wendell Park School and H&F Council.” . She said that the Friends had drawn up a three-year plan of planting, including trees, bushes and plants, and set up a five-person steering committee to co-ordinate work. . A lot of non-native snowberry bushes have been dug up and replaced, while the local scouts helped plant more than 1,000 bulbs. . Volunteers gather on the first Saturday of each month, rain or shine, from 10am-noon to plant, weed and maintain the borders and beds. “Then it’s usually off to the pub,” said Caroline. #wendellpark #w12 #shepherdsbush #parklife #green #gardening #volunteers #pride #park

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